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Formula One Championship Edition 


The first thing I do with any video game I get to review is to see what descriptors the ESRB gives. I want to know what things they found wrong with a game, so I have a starting point (knowing how broken and flawed the ESRB really is). Mild Lyrics is the only descriptor, but Sony has listened to the previous Family Friendly Gaming reviews, and included an easy way to turn off the offensive lyrics in the Options menu. Once I made the proper adjustment to avoid being offended by lyrical content I started looking around Formula One Championship Edition.

The graphics in this game are simply jaw dropping. Words can not accurately describe how nice the graphics look in this game. Yes I know our faithful readers have gotten to drool over pictures of PS3 games in past issues of Family Friendly Gaming. The effects of the sun on different tracks, along with the shadowing has to be seen to be believed. There were times I felt like I needed to break out some sunglasses while playing this game. The different race tracks have wonderful models. The various countries flags, and sponsors are very colorful indeed. Small parts of certain tracks could get dark with the shadowing, but generally this game is well lit. Winners stand on an Olympic style podium as they clap.

Every sports game has a problem with announcers. Video games can not keep up with the action. The announcer was listing off the places for all the competitors, and I had just passed a car. The announcer still rattled my characters name in the wrong place. This is a minor issue, but present. The voices announcing this game are very calm, and realistic sounding. I felt like I was actually on the race track.

Formula One Championship Edition has a lot of tracks to be raced, along with a career mode to explore. There is plenty in this PS3 game to keep the racing gamer busy for quite a long time. If you are into F1 racing, and have a PS3, this is one game to invest your hard earned dollars in.

The game gives the player the option of having braking done for them, and the race line shown on the screen. Novice racers can learn from these helpful guides, and experts can turn it off for an additional challenge. The cars handle beautifully, and it really adds to the game play experience. Some of those tracks are insane with all those twists and turns.

I wish the pit crew would have encouraged me to race clean. I bumped a few cars out of my way and they congratulated me on racing good. I learned a lot about F1 racing with this game, and found it to be generally clean. The lessons are all about learning how to race the different tracks, and to not disappoint the fans. Remember the experience may change during online play.
- Frank


Graphics: 94%
Sound: 89%
Replay/Extras: 96%
Gameplay: 95%
Family Friendly Factor: 86%
System: Playstation 3
Publisher: Sony
ESRB Rating:
'E' for Everyone
{Mild Lyrics}

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