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Avatar the Last Airbender The Burning Earth The Burning Earth  


The Nintendo DS version of Avatar the Last Airbender The Burning Earth is very similar to the last DS Avatar video game. Which is a good thing, because that one was a fun super natural action adventure video game with role playing elements. Characters are leveled up through fighting, health items can be bought and stored. Stats are improved by leveling up, and by very special items. The Avatar Story continues as the ultra violent Fire Nation is out to dominate the other elemental nations. Aang and his friends are working on his training to become the Avatar so he can stop impending doom of the entire world.

The graphics in Avatar the Last Airbender The Burning Earth are very clean, and cartoonish. While not at the level of the cartoon series, players can easily identify characters. There is a fair amount of fighting in this game, but it seems toned down from the previous one. There is little discussion on how elemental bending occurs.

There are quite a few different times in Avatar the Last Airbender The Burning Earth that voice acting from the television series is included. This was one of the highlights of this game for me. There is definite emotion, and drama involved in the complex storyline. The music is pleasant, and the elemental attacks all sound like earth, air, water and fire.

Sadly Avatar the Last Airbender The Burning Earth can be beaten in under five hours without any additional time being devoted to leveling up. There are some secrets, and side quests but they only grant specific items. THQ got the appropriate mix between quests and fights, but it is still too short.

The menu usage of the bottom touch screen on the Nintendo DS works marvelously. There are certain touch based mini games in specific areas that are a blast to play. The times the player has to fight has been toned down, but the enemies are a little tougher. There is some repetition in that aspect of this game. All of the controls work well, and there is some intelligent design to the layout of the levels.

Aang has an innocence about him that good to see in a lead video game character. He is always trying to help those in need, and use his power wisely. Sokka is shown as selfish, and the other characters routinely chastise him for it. There is a scene in this game where a king has been blinded to the truth by an adviser, and the team sets him free from that darkness. It resonated well with me, and I like to see lessons like that one. A little short, but still an interesting one.
- Paul


Graphics: 70%
Sound: 75%
Replay/Extras: 69%
Gameplay: 80%
Family Friendly Factor: 79%
System: Nintendo DS
Publisher: THQ
ESRB Rating: 'E' for Everyone
{Cartoon Violence}

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