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Yoshi touch n go  


Yoshi Touch & Go took me by complete and total surprise. I had heard from Nintendo that this game was merely a technical demo displaying the many possibilities with the Nintendo DS. I had also heard it was innovative and revolutionary. So, I started playing it. My first thought was: "is that it, is that all this game is about." Then I played some more, and unlocked some new modes. Before I knew what was going on I was playing to beat my own times, and scores. Yoshi Touch & Go hearkens back to the good ole days of video gaming; where the goal is to beat the high score. It may not sound appealing in print, but trust me once you start playing in real life - it becomes amazingly engaging. The game starts with baby Mario floating down on the top screen. The player draws clouds on the bottom screen. These clouds allow baby Mario to collect the coins, avoid the spikes, and avoid the enemies. A quick circle can be drawn around an enemy to turn them into a bubble with a coin inside it. Blowing into the microphone will remove all the clouds on the screen, just in case you make a mistake. What about Yoshi you say? Well, once you get baby Mario safely to the ground, (his three balloons represent the three hits baby Mario can take) then Yoshi carries baby Mario on his back. Yoshi can shoot eggs at enemies on the top or bottom screen. Yoshi can only take one hit from any enemy, so it pays to be careful. Thankfully the game allows the player to restart from where Yoshi caught baby Mario.

The graphics in this game are bright and colorful. The artwork is done really well, and is pleasant to look at. Yoshi Touch & Go scores way above average, and earns a respectable score. The sounds are nice, cutesy, and pleasant. I found myself humming along with the music while I was playing. There was also a certain satisfaction to hitting an enemy with an egg just before I would have taken a hit. The replay and extras in this game are all that and a bag of chips. I definitely felt like I got my money's worth with this game. There are a ton of reasons to replay this game. Yoshi Touch & Go is just like the old arcade games in that regard. Unlocking new modes in this game feels like a major reward that was well earned, and those new modes are worth it.

This game is very family friendly. Mind you, it is not perfect. There is the cartoon violence of shooting enemies with eggs. Thankfully Nintendo has Yoshi only eating fruit in this game to create the eggs. Note: In other games Yoshi has been known to eat enemies to create eggs. Baby Mario is being shown as getting hurt. This is the kind of game I would, could, and should recommend to my pastor. Compared to a lot of the games on the market today, it is refreshing to have a fun game that is fun for the whole family.

At time of the writing of this review Yoshi Touch & Go can be found on sale at most stores (that carry video games) for $30.00 US dollars or less. It can be found on eBay even cheaper at times. This is a game that I recommend highly for anyone who enjoys fun games; and especially for those who are struggling to find wholesome video games. The innovation on the Nintendo DS continues to amaze me, and Yoshi Touch & Go certainly brings something new to the table. It is nice that Nintendo did not feel the need to follow the decadent ways of other video game companies. There should be more video games like this one.
- Paul


Graphics: 90%
Sound: 95%
Replay/Extras: 100%
Gameplay: 100%
Family Friendly Factor: 95%
System: Nintendo DS
Publisher: Nintendo
ESRB Rating:
'E' for Everyone

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