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Eternal War Shadows of Light





Eternal War Shadows of Light   


Eternal War: Shadows of Light by Two Guys Software (who recently changed their name to Xrucifix) is hailed as the best Christian first person shooter. The immediate question many ask is do we really need the Christian first person shooter genre? This is a question you will need to answer for yourself. You play as an angel who is fighting against demons inside the head of a troubled young man who is on the verge of suicide. The angel you play has a plethora of weapons to use during the battles. Demons are shot with these various weapons, until they vanish. Be careful though, because some demons will explode in an attempt to take you out with them. Eternal War: Shadows of Light was released back in 2003, and is being reviewed with that age in mind.

The graphics in this game are a little below average. There are images that promote a relationship with Jesus Christ, and there are images of murder (editorial note: the murder is of demons). The graphics are passable, but nothing super spectacular about them. With that said, there were some really nice special effects in the game. The down side of the special effect is they slowed down my personal computer (which is way above the recommended standards). The sounds in this game are done very nicely. There is a lot of sounds that promote the teachings of Jesus Christ in Eternal War, and most of the time the sounds work well. There are also sounds of demons being murdered. Not only is there a lot of difficulty settings in this game, but there is a multi-player option as well. To this reviewers knowledge this is the only Christian video game to date with such an option. This reviewer definitely felt like his money's worth was gotten with this game. The gameplay in Eternal War is somewhat above average. The controls are quick and responsive; also the control design works very well. The game is also fun to play, and very easy to learn. On the down side the level design got this reviewer stuck in a few places, because what needed to be done next made little to no sense. Thankfully those times of getting stuck were not that often.

The family friendly factor on Eternal War: Shadows of Light is right at the average level. The game has good teachings in it, and this reviewer would like to see a sequel to it. On the flip side there were times this reviewer was embarassed at the first person shooter violence. This is a game this reviewer would not recommend to his pastor. This is also a game that this reviewer would not play in front of his children. This game will immediately offend some people. Others will embrace this game and have a good time. If the ESRB had rated Eternal War: Shadows of Light this reviewer would guess that it would recieve a 'T' for teen rating.

Ultimately this reviewer feels this game can be a wonderful witnessing tool to those who play first person shooters who are not yet believers. It also could be a tool to assist a believer who has been backsliding, and could use the reminder of how loving God is. Christians who are into FPSers will also find value in this game. Via the grading scale used here at Family Friendly Gaming Eternal War gets a passing grade; however it is not a game that comes with our much vaunted recommendation.
- Paul

Graphics: 64%
Sound: 80%
Replay/Extras: 81%
Gameplay: 74%
Family Friendly Factor: 66%
System: Personal Computer
Publisher: Two Guys Software
ESRB Rating:
'NR' for Not Rated

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