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Animal Crossing Wild World 


Animal Crossing Wild World on the Nintendo DS is one of the more exciting game releases on the handheld in the year of our Lord 2005. This game plays in real time. So if it is 5pm on a Saturday when the player turns the game on, then it is 5pm on Saturday in the game. Nintendo included some holidays in this game as well. Take New Year's Eve for example. The game has a countdown with the mayor giving out a gift. The game consists of fishing, planting, shaking trees,, burying stuff, designing one's house, designing one's patterns, paying off a mortgage, talking to villagers, and other such activities. This game can be played for five minutes a day, or a couple of hours. Animal Crossing Wild World is one of those games that is what the player makes of it.

Graphically this game has many bright, and colorful graphics. At night time the town does get darker, but houses have lights from them. The details on the huge assortment of items is nicely done. The artwork is nicely done. The villagers have different animal heads. Which may seem strange at first, but is not really a deterrant. There are Christmas trees, but sadly Nintendo politically corrected them as festive trees. The same was done with the menora.

The sounds are done really well, in fact the game will sound out letters as the player is typing. The music is nicely done, and can be changed (so no one can really complain that much). The music is cheerful, and the sounds work well in this game. The celebration after catching a fish is nice.

The replay in Animal Crossing Wild World is perfect. This game gives thousands of reasons to replay. The biggest reason is wifi enabled. Visiting friends towns across the internet is a really cool reason. This reviewer has visited towns, and had visitors. It is one of the coolest features in this game. This reviewer feels one gets their money's worth with this game.

The controls are quick, and responsive, the level design works well (if not a new town can be created), and the control design works great. Typing letters and/or messages is really easy with the stylus. As is selling items to Nook. This game is safe for the entire family, and is one this reviewer would love to see a sequel to (maybe on the Nintendo Revolution).

This is the kind of game that more developers should be making. It is one of the more family friendly titles out there. This reviewer and his wife have been playing in the same town, and sharing the house decorations. This game promotes family time nicely. This is a game that can be recommended to a pastor. The main problem with this game is the inclusion of a fortune teller. The only other issue this reviewer has is the lack of Christian holidays, and Christian items in this game. A wonderful addition would be a church with a pastor in the town. There are items in the museum that teach the disproven theory of evolution so beware of that. The main potential problem with this kind of a game is addiction. If addiction becomes a problem, please seek help from a fellow believer and/or pastor.

Animal Crossing Wild World is a great addition to the Nintendo DS library. This game comes the closest of any secular game to receiving the Family Friendly Gaming seal of approval. The political correctness, and not properly regionalizing the game for a Christian nation is what keeps this reviewer for stamping that seal of approval. Even without the Family Friendly Gaming seal of approval this is a good game.
- Paul

Graphics: 79%
Sound: 80%
Replay/Extras: 95%
Gameplay: 80%
Family Friendly Factor: 70%
System: Nintendo DS
Publisher: Nintendo
ESRB Rating: 'E' for Everyone

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