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Adventures in Odyssey Great Escape 



Digital Praise has been busy little bees with the third game in the Adventures in Odyssey series. In this game Eugene creates a giant virtual reality machine to play video games. Michael and Mandy are invited to play the games. They are given one really important instruction - do not remove the safety protocols. As I am sure you can imagine Michael did not heed the warning. The two children find themselves in a struggle to escape the game from the brainy Seepi Yu. Seepi Yu challenges the children to quite a few little mini games.

The graphics are very similar to the other Adventure in Odyssey games; which are bright and colorful. The graphics on the mini games look better than previous AIO games. Kids will enjoy these kind of graphics, and adults that enjoy this artistic style. This reviewer really likes these kinds of graphics. There are images that promote good moral values, and a relationship with Jesus Christ. The graphics reminded this reviewer of Saturday morning cartoons. There are games with more detailed graphics, however this game proves that sometimes less is more.

The sounds in this game are themed very well. The sounds added to the sense of urgency to free the player from being inside the game (even though the player can put the game down, and pick it back up at any time). It was blatantly obvious who the bad guy was with the sounds. Completing the game, and redeeming oneself was handled extremely well with the sounds.

The real key to any game that has a lot of mini games is those mini games - are they fun? This reviewer had a blast playing almost all of the mini games in this game. These are family friendly mini games that your children can play for as long as you will allow it. AIO: Great Escape gives reasons to replay it. Bargain priced at $29.95 or less at most establishments makes this game definitely worth the money. Only one person can play at a time, however teaching the concept of taking turns can be applied here.

The controls in all the different little mini games are quick and responsive. The control designs also work well. Ultimately everyone wants to know if this game is fun or not. This reviewer found this game to be a lot of fun. Some of the mini games have a little challenge so this game will not be beaten in the first sitting. It can be beaten in the first week, but then the replay factor will bring most players back to beat their previous scores.

The highest score this game receives is obviously the family friendly factor. This game promotes family values, a Christian world view, has good teachings in it, is safe for the whole family, is one that can be recommended to my pastor, and is one this reviewer wants a sequel to. There is nothing we found in this game that would embarrass or offend. This game is safe for the entire family. We would recommend for ages 5 and up (unless your child can do computer games at an earlier age).

Digital Praise is making a very good name for themselves and for Christian video games. It is very nice to see games like this. Families are starting to get a choice to buy good, and moral video games. It is also very wise of Digital Praise to release this game both on the PC, and on the MAC.
- Paul

Graphics: 93%
Sound: 94%
Replay/Extras: 90%
Gameplay: 92%
Family Friendly Factor: 97%
System: Personal Computer
Publisher: Digital Praise
ESRB Rating: 'E' for Everyone

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