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VeggieTales LarryBoy and the Bad Apple 


Finally, the long wait is over with - LarryBoy and the Bad Apple on the Playstation 2 is available in stores for your immediate purchase. Over a year ago, Family Friendly Gaming reported on a Veggie Tales video game coming to the consoles. Thousands of gamers have been coming back every single day to this very website to learn what other tidbits of gaming news we have for you. Thus far in playing this game, I have found the production value to be extremely high, and it has wide spread appeal. For those in our audience who are not yet Christians, this game does not preach to you. There are good moral lessons that are being taught, but you are not beat over the head with it. The graphics brings the cartoon show of the same name come alive. There is something really cool about getting to explore the LarryBoy universe. Expect a full review to be showcased in the spectacular Family Friendly Gaming #7. Currently I am working to learn the camera system, and the plethora of super hero skills. Time to go back to being "THAT HERO!" {08/10/2006} - Paul


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