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The Axys Adventures Truth Seeker Battle Against the Lies



The Axys Adventures Truth Seeker Battle Against the Lies 


Family Friendly Gaming was very curious to get a copy of The Axys Adventures: Truth Seeker Battle Against the Lies on the Personal Computer. This completely Christian video game is a safe alternative for those who are really into The Legend of Zelda franchise. I have met with the developers/designers of this game, and can personally attest to what wonderful believers in Jesus Christ they are. The action adventure, and puzzles in this game are top notch. The sounds are spectacular, especially the voice acting. The game plays really well. The only problem I have is more with the gaming platform (PC) than anything else. I do not feel that comfortable playing an action adventure role playing game on the computer. With that said a port is always possible. This game is rated 'E10+' for fantasy violence by the ESRB. Expect to hear more about this game in an upcoming issue of the awe inspiring Family Friendly Gaming magazine, and certainly on the website. {12/04/2006} - Paul


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