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Hermie Camping Bug-a-boo way



Hermie Camping Bug-a-boo way 


Digital Praise has been improving upon their already high quality line up of family friendly video games with the very recent release of Hermie & Friends: Camping the Bug-a-boo way. This game is aimed at the 3 - 6 year old age bracket. We took the time to let a child in that age bracket play this game, and the child thoroughly enjoyed this game. Once we realized that Mickey likes it, the adults tore into it. The game ties in quite well with the exceptionally popular Max Lucado DVD Hermie and Friends: Stanley the Stinkbug goes to camp. The games that are included in this recent release are the best series of children style games yet. Digital Praise obviously worked hard on this one, and we are very impressed here at Family Friendly Gaming. We are going to fast track a review online for this game, and it will appear in the stellar upcoming issue #7 of Family Friendly Gaming. Click on the pic for more information on the game.  God bless {08/03/2006} - Paul


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