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Dora Purple Planet



Dora Purple Planet Dora Purple Planet 


We have just acquired a reviewable copy of the Dora the Explorer: Journey to the Purple Planet. This is one of the most newsworthy games to be released in awhile. Why? Because, it is the first 'EC' rated game on the consoles for a very long time. It is nice that Global Star Software released this game on the Nintendo Gamecube, and the Sony Playstation 2. We have been testing out this game (that is also now on store shelves), and find it to be a nice kids learning game. Aliens fly down to earth, and need help getting back to their planet. Dora and her monkey Boots are there to help them. We found that a four year old is able to play this game with minimal assistance. This monumental game will be reviewed in Family Friendly Gaming #5.


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