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Beyond Good and Evil



Beyond Good and Evil 


Our apologies to the readers who requested a review of this game, we fell a little behind. Have no fear though as it is being played, and a review will be appearing in the fabulous Family Friendly Gaming #8 (most likely online as well). This game is a bit of an underground classic amongst a lot of magazine editors in the industry. Thus far, I can't see why. There is a paranoid theme running through it (with a journalist as the main character), along with some bothersome language issues. The main female character is dressed borderline inappropriately. The puzzles in this game have been thus far simplistic, and the same goes for the fighting (combat). It is different to have to be careful, and not hit your companion. A nice feature is the taking pictures of the different animals, who all have names that remind of the religion of evolution. I hope at some point the game will explain what it believes is beyond good and evil. This 'T' rated game (for Comic Mischief, and Violence) is also visually pretty dark. This game can be found on the Gamecube, PC, Xbox, as well the PS2. {09/10/2006} - Paul


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