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I am so thankful Family Friendly Gaming had the money to purchase Moss on the Playstation 4. I love being able to use the normal controller with a VR video game. Moss allows that. The storytelling, animations, graphics, and narrating are fantastic in Moss. There are hidden scrolls on every single screen too. When we get all of them we create a mosaic picture on the book screen. Should we do a video series of Moss on Twitch? That is something we could consider going forward. Moss is rated E10+ for Everyone TEN and OLDER ONLY. The developer and publisher of Moss is Polyarc.

Moss drew me in and did not let me go. This virtual reality game can be beaten in under three hours. Expect a lot of puzzles in Moss. The player controls interactions with the area and the little mouse. We move the mouse around, hack and slash with weapons, jump, climb, and more. Most of the interactions from the player (aka reader) consists of using their blue orb to move certain objects around the screen. Expect a full review of this fantastic virtual reality video game in an upcoming issue of the Family Friendly Gaming magazine and e-magazine. Action adventure platforming puzzle games will work amazingly well in VR thanks to Moss.
- Paul


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