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Concrete Genie 


Every single time I play a VR video game I want to like it. I want to justify the massive cost of the PS4 VR helmet. There have been a few VR games here and there I have enjoyed. Sadly there have been way more misses in virtual reality than hits. Concrete Genie shows video game developers and video game publishers are trying to expand what a virtual reality video game is. That is great news. The publisher of Concrete Genie is Sony Interactive Entertainment. The developer of Concrete Genie is Pixelopus

What we can draw on the walls in Concrete Genie is limited. It does seem to get a life of its own as if we are drawing the spiritual world on the material world. We can turn lights on in Concrete Genie by drawing on the walls below them. I was dismayed to find out the main character is disobeying his parents by being in that town. It is sad to see rebellion being promoted in a video game. Expect a full review of Concrete Genie to appear in an upcoming issue of the always amazing Family Friendly Gaming magazine and e-magazine. Until then you might want to hold off on a purchase.
- Paul


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