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World of Final Fantasy Maxima



World of Final Fantasy Maxima  


Why do some video companies re-release their games with some minor additions to it? Why do they think we want to play the same game again with some extras in it? The one saving grace for World of Final Fantasy Maxima is it is now on more systems than the original. So PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One owners can brag they got more than the original PS4 and PS Vita owners. Of course the PS4 and PS Vita owners can purchase World of Final Fantasy Maxima to get all of that. Square Enix is the developer and publisher of World of Final Fantasy Maxima. The list of minor additions to World of Final Fantasy Maxima is actually extensive in this previewers opinion.

It warms my heart of hearts that Family Friendly Gaming purchased World of Final Fantasy Maxima on the Xbox One. This game sat for many months because it was such a low priority. World of Final Fantasy Maxima is a lot of rehash with some additional content. Is that additional content worth the cost of admission if you already own World of Final Fantasy? My answer is no. You might disagree and that is fine. Try not to be disagreeable about it if possible. Expect a full review of World of Final Fantasy Maxima to appear in an upcoming issue of the deep thinking Family Friendly Gaming.
- RPG Master


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