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NBA Live 19  


This was a tough year for me trying to decide which basketball video game takes the crown. I do not like either games honestly. NBA Live 19 is just a little bit worse than NBA 2K19. Sad that I have to pick the lesser of two evils. There are things I like about NBA Live 19, and there are things I am not impressed with. We can do everything in our power to get a good shot and it still will miss. I never knew when my players would make an easy lay up, and when they would miss it. NBA Live 19 is an extremely frustrating video game in my professional opinion. The long installation, shoving online modes, and social media sharing requests add to my frustration with this basketball game.

The modes in NBA Live 19 are The One, Court Battles, Live Run, Live Events, Drills, Shoot Around, 1v1 scrimmage, 5v5 scrimmage, Ultimate Team, Franchise, NBA Play Now, NBA Live 19 Ultimate Team, NBA Play Now, WNBA Play Now, and Online Head 2 Head. Plenty of online things to do in NBA Live 19. Which continue to be wasteful in my opinion. I prefer playing the difficult computer. That way the only profanity I hear is from the offensive music in NBA Live 19. I can turn off the offensive music in NBA Live 19 at the very least. Expect a review in an upcoming issue of Family Friendly Gaming.
- Paul


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