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I have been playing Disney Crossy Road off and on for years now. I finally unlocked every single character in the game. There are a lot of them too. Some characters can be earned with coins, and others have to be found a certain way. Some examples are drown a character twenty-five times, and play with a certain character until the game randomly generates another character so we can touch them. I never paid a cent for any characters in Disney Crossy Road. Hipster Whale is the developer and publisher of Disney Crossy Road on the iPad and iPhone. This game is also on the Amazon app store, and the Android app store. I enjoyed my time with this free app.

I am a bit baffled by the rating of Disney Crossy Road compared to Crossy Road. Why are they so different when they contain the same deaths? There are ghost, ghouls, spirits, and other scary characters in Disney Crossy Road. I had fun playing Disney Crossy Road. I would love to play Disney Crossy Road on the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, PS Vita, PS4, or Xbox One. A controller would improve the controls in this game. Expect a full review of Disney Crossy Road to appear in an upcoming issue of the hard working Family Friendly Gaming magazine and e-magazine.
- Paul


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