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Wireway gives us a character collecting stars. He moves around levels by launching off of wires. We send him up, down, left, and right via this method of movement. The levels are all planned out. There are secret puzzle pieces in the levels as well as stars to collect. A certain number of stars are needed to beat certain levels. We also need to find keys to get into certain areas. The bosses require a bit of thought in Wireway as well. There are usually some clues if you are paying attention to what the level presents.

The music in Wireway is fantastic. The graphics look good for this era. We can bump into enemies and they will launch off the screen. If we take a hit we lose some stars or fall of the screen (if we have no more stars). Wireway is a fun game that can be found at a low price. Wireway is definitely worth the price of admission. Do not wait for the full review. If you find Wireway then definitely purchase it. Expect the full review to appear in an upcoming issue of an issue of Family Friendly Gaming.
{06/18/2018} - Paul


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