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WWE 2K18 


FFG bought WWE 2K18 some months ago. After the broken promises and failures of the PR and Marketing for this game I was in no rush to play and review WWE 2K18. We all know this game is going to fail with Family Friendly Gaming. Since we are not a part of the corrupt gaming media we do not get a free copy anymore. WWE 2K18 is 43 gigs in size. That is huge. It takes forever to install this game, and it likes to download some of it too. The loading times are long in this game too. Why are the loading times so long? Expect a full review of WWE 2K18 in issue #132 of the always amazing Family Friendly Gaming e-magazine that is free for you to read.

Players can take women and have them beat up other wrestlers. I really wish the women were taken out of this franchise. The only thing that made the Greatest Royal Rumble show any good was the lack of the women. WWE 2K18 is worth five to ten dollars to the adults in the family. The violence, and bad language are the biggest issues families will have with WWE 2K18. I still hate the ladder mini game. The Royal Rumble matches have been improved in terms of how easy it is to eliminate. The downside to that is it is easy for you to be eliminated as well. I found it nearly impossible to go the distance in a Royal Rumble match. There are tons of locked down wrestlers in WWE 2K18. Some of them require real world money to use. Even though they are in the game you purchased.
{05/28/2018} - Frank


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