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We noticed that a Victorious video game was doing really well on our Youtube channel. So I decided Family Friendly Gaming needed to invest in some more games based off of that franchise. That is where Victorious Hollywood Arts Debut on the Nintendo DS comes in. While this hand held game waited in a pile of hand held games to do videos on I decided to play it for a review. Expect a video series of Victorious Hollywood Arts Debut on the DS. My hope is to get started on it in 2018, but it might not happen until 2019. We literally have that much to do. Every day someone else wants something new from us. The cool ones pay us for that work.

Overall I am very impressed with Victorious Hollywood Arts Debut. I have no idea why Family Friendly Gaming was left out when reviewable copies were given out. Victorious Hollywood Arts Debut can be found really cheap now too. This is one game to look for. Something else you can look for is a review of Victorious Hollywood Arts Debut on the Nintendo DS coming out in an upcoming issue of Family Friendly Gaming. There is so much about this little cartridge that impressed me. From the large graphic models to the music Victorious Hollywood Arts Debut is a solid hand held title.
{07/24/2018} - Paul


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