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Ultimate Fishing Simulator



Ultimate Fishing Simulator  


Family Friendly Gaming was given a digital download code for Ultimate Fishing Simulator on Steam recently. We saw the press release the game was being released. Thing is as we played Ultimate Fishing Simulator it said it was still early access. As you can imagine that really confused us. We talked about it and decided to do a preview and see how things went. My experiences were not pleasant with Ultimate Fishing Simulator. In fact once I finished my last game play session I un-installed Ultimate Fishing Simulator. This fishing game aggravated me to no end. I have played a variety of fishing games and none of them cause the reaction that Ultimate Fishing Simulator did. Before I could play Ultimate Fishing Simulator it had to download an update that took over thirty minutes. Whatever happened to having games finished when they are sent out. We refuse to be unpaid Quality Control Analysts for any company.

The initial download of Ultimate Fishing Simulator was 3.4 gigs. There are nine levels we can play in Ultimate Fishing Simulator. The first level is open and the rest must be unlocked. I suppose they are unlocked by catching fish. Why do I say I suppose? Because with all of the time I played Ultimate Fishing Simulator I never caught one fish. There was no nibble. There was no bites. Nothing. There was messages of all these other people catching fish. I went through the tutorial multiple times and never learned anything that helped me catch fish. If I wanted to cast and never catch anything I would go to a local lake at noon. The water in Ultimate Fishing Simulator looks nice. The rest looks meh. The music is a bit odd for a fishing game. There are too many people fishing with us. Why can't we fish alone? The modes in Ultimate Fishing Simulator are Fisheries, Tournament, Inventory, Skills, Friends, Encyclopedia, Leaderboards, Trophy Room, and Fishery Editor.
- Luke


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