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Train Sim World



Train Sim World  


I am so happy Family Friendly Gaming purchased a copy of Train Sim World on the Xbox One. This railroad simulation game comes with three main areas. Those three areas are Rapid Transit, Great Western Express, and NEC New York. Train Sim World is a massively large installation. It took a lot of time for this game to install. Then it takes forever for this game to load a level. The next thing this game wanted was an email account. What is with all these video game companies wanting to spam me directly with obnoxious high pressure sales? I get my news from Family Friendly Gaming. These companies do not need to bypass gaming media outlets like FFG to try and make sales.

Train Sim World has some complex controls. Moving around is easy. Getting the train to move, stop, and move again takes time to learn. I got stuck in Train Sim World multiple times. I had to restart, and take the tutorial again. The tutorial directions are good. There are verbal and written instructions with Train Sim World. The written instructions are white on white so they are hard to read. Expect a review of Train Sim World to appear in an upcoming issue of the always amazing Family Friendly Gaming magazine. I will tell you the controls in Train Sim World gave me fits. This franchise has room for growth.
- Teen Gamer


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