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That's You!  


There are some video games that should have never been made. That’s You! is one such video game. In fact I can see why That’s You! is selling in the single digits. This Playstation 4 game is horrible. That’s You! is yet another example of how Sony continues to fail families. Sony is obviously hostile to middle America just like Holly Weird. Do not buy this product. Sony keeps making the mistake of making thirteen and older only games and then claiming they are for all ages. WRONG! The ESRB which is extremely lenient and video game company biased even says no under thirteen should play these games Sony. Want to try again? Care to find some new propaganda and lie to tell us? Expect a full review in an upcoming issue of Family Friendly Gaming.

The issues families will have are drugs, violence, blood, nudity, enticement to lust, sexual themes and more. That’s You! tells you from the start this game is not for children. How can your games bring families together Sony when it is not for kids? Why isn’t there a kid safe mode in That’s You!? The technology is there because other companies have done it. How is Sony so far behind? That's You! tries to be funny. Sadly it falls on its face. The Jackbox Party games have actual and real humor in them. Yes there is plenty of offensive content in the Jackbox Party games. They are better than That's You!. Especially in the scoring department when two people are playing. That's You! may be a cheap game, but it will only disappoint.
- Paul


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