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Super Smash Bros Ultimate  


I went half and half with Family Friendly Gaming to purchase Super Smash Bros Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch. The PR and Marketing team for this game failed Family Friendly Gaming totally. I hope you enjoy the video we did of Super Smash Bros Ultimate. I spent quite a few hours unlocking all of the characters in this game. That takes quite an effort. It was worth it to have everything unlocked for the gameplay video we did. Have you seen that video yet? If not please click here. It is a bummer that the PR and Marketing company representing this game failed Family Friendly Gaming so completely. But then we are third class citizens to them. Expect a full review in an upcoming issue of Family Friendly Gaming.

The controls with the Switch controllers in Super Smash Bros Ultimate are not that great. I purchased a Gamecube like controller to have semi decent controls in this game. Isn’t it sad that I have to go back three generations for a decent controller for this game. There are plenty of customization options available in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. We can change the rules of the fighting and save our favorite style. We can also change our control scheme. I found a great handicap in playing my dad. My dad gets the Gamecube controller and I use one Joycon. That really evens up the fighting between us. It also depends which characters we are playing. I normally play with items off, and my dad likes playing with items on.
- Peter


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