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I am very thankful Family Friendly Gaming purchased a copy of Spider-Man on the PS4. The Sony representative told me they would not send us a copy. I define that as they want no sales from Family Friendly Gaming Universe ever. We do a variety of things in Spider-Man. We websling, wall run, fight, solve puzzles, and more. Spider-Man feels like a Marvel story. There are so many little things that stick out. The phone calls from other characters stick out the most. I was rarely bored in Spider-Man. The quality in this violent video game shows. I do like how we go around stopping all these crimes. Where are the police by the way?

The issues families will have with Spider-Man are blood, violence, bad language, enticement to lust, and more. The fighting in Spider-Man can be very frustrating. Even on the easiest setting I would die over and over again. This meant I had little fun playing Spider-Man. I could solve the puzzles, swing around the city, and then get stuck fighting waves of the same looking enemies. It spoiled the experience for me personally. The rest of Spider-Man was better than the fighting part in my opinion. The quick time evens during boss fights was fun.Expect a full review to appear in an upcoming issue of the Family Friendly Gaming magazine and e-magazine.
- Paul


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