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Rapala Fishing Pro Series



Rapala Fishing Pro Series 


It warms my heart that Family Friendly Gaming purchased a copy of Rapala Fishing Pro Series on the Xbox One for a review. The PR and Marketing folks representing this game failed. They have also failed to respond to any inquiries about the video policy for GameMill Entertainment. FFG will not do videos of this game until we are provided that answer. I know that bums many of ya'll with how God has blessed the FFG Youtube channel with so many millions upon millions of views. They only hurt themselves. We have plenty of games to record, and there are numerous companies happy to receive attention from Family Friendly Gaming Universe. It is my hope that Gamemill Entertainment will get their stuff together and mature past their current issues.

Rapala Fishing Pro Series does not look great. It has some game play quirks. Rapala Fishing Pro Series also has a few things going for it. The reeling in shines in Rapala Fishing Pro Series. The fish look decent. Moving the boat around is easy to pick up. Casting is a pain. Button combinations to attract a fish is cool. The lack of being able focus on just one fish in an area hurts the tournaments. Rapala Fishing Pro Series is worth fifteen dollars brand new in my book. Expect of find a full review of Rapala Fishing Pro Series in issue #128 of the always amazing, always awesome Family Friendly Gaming magazine and e-magazine. Until then use extreme caution before purchasing anything from Gamemill Entertainment.
- Frank


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