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Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology



Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology 


Family Friendly Gaming is so cool. They purchased a copy of Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology to help Family Friendly Gaming Universe decide on whether they should spend their money on this Nintendo 3DS video game or not. The failures from the PR and Marketing firm have been documeted quite well. Since they know we would not recommend their game they will not send us copies. Interesting how the video game corruption can influence some gaming media outlets. Thankfully it does not work here at Family Friendly Gaming. Which has earned us some wonderful haters in the video game industry. That is fine. We can take it. Their lies and propaganda do not work with Family Friendly Gaming Universe.

Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology is a port of a Nintendo DS game with one side timeline added. Atlus did little to make this game better. In fact propaganda is how I define what Atlus USA says about this game. Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology is disappointing on so many levels. The lack of new content, the lack of graphical improvements. Look the graphics were bad when it was released on the Nintendo DS. It looked like a Gameboy Advance game. How can Atlus USA expect anyone to pay more than ten dollars for Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology on the Nintendo 3DS? Expect a full review of Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology in issue #130 of the e-magazine.

The issues families can have with Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology are violence, blood, lack of attire, enticement to lust, magic, lies, deceit, bad language, false gods, and more. Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology is a spiritually draining video game to play. The turn based battles with lining things up were interesting back when this hand held game was first released. Now it is not as interesting. The biggest issue I have with Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology is it is rehash one system later. Video game companies are getting lazier and lazier with their products. They can not be bothered to make things better. They port things over and expect high dollar sales. Do not buy Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology on the Nintendo 3DS.
- RPG Master


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