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Pokken Tournament DX



Pokken Tournament DX 


It is one thing for a game to be gone for awhile and come back with an upgraded version. It is a completely different story for a game like Pokken Tournament DX. This Pokemon fighting game was on the Wii U, and then the Nintendo Switch one year later. Come on Nintendo. We know you like to rehash and recycle your games, but one year later is a bit too quick for me. I am thankful Family Friendly Gaming purchased a copy of Pokken Tournament DX after the PR and Marketing people for Nintendo failed us. This game was featured in the December Haul video. To see that please click here.

Families must be made aware of the content issues within Pokken Tournament DX. There is violence, lack of attire, enticement to lust, religious teachings of evolution, ghosts, psychics, and more. The price of Pokken Tournament DX is way over inflated in my professional opinion. Pokken Tournament DX should be selling for no more than fifteen dollars brand new. Shame on Nintendo for expecting sixty dollars for porting this game over a year later. I will have a review of this Nintendo Switch video game in issue #128 of the exceptional Family Friendly Gaming magazine, and e-magazine.
{01/05/2018} - Teen Gamer


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