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Marvel vs Capcom Infinite  


Marvel vs Capcom Infinite surprised me. I actually enjoyed playing this fighting game. Too bad Capcom failed Family Friendly Gaming Universe. Marvel vs Capcom Infinite might have sold better if they had provided Family Friendly Gaming a reviewable copy. Older members of the family can now enjoy Marvel vs Capcom Infinite for a really low price since this game flopped so badly at retail. The story in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is fantastic. The various bad issues within Marvel vs Capcom Infinite will appear in a review which will be featured in an upcoming issue of the magazine and e-magazine. Keep your eyes peeled for it, because there are plenty of issues in this game leniently rated thirteen and older only by the less than reputable ESRB.

The battling is generally simplistic in my opinion. Certain attacks are better to use than others. The smaller characters are generally weaker and lamer characters in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. The ability to combo repeatedly to a point will either help you or harm you depending which side you are on. Ultron Sigma makes an interesting bad guy in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. If you can find Marvel vs Capcom Infinite for between ten to twenty dollars it should be worth it for the story mode alone. I am pretty sure Family Friendly Gaming paid more than that when we purchased it. Plus it sat in the please work on me when you have time pile. Do you happen to have one of those piles too? Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is not like the previous Marvel vs Capcom games.
- Paul


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