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Mario Party The Top 100 


Nintendo's PR and Marketing may be failing them completely in regards to Family Friendly Gaming. I think they did listen to what we said because Mario Party The Top 100 has Local play and Download play. It is always so much better to play with others locally versus the lame and boring online game play modes. I need to give a shout out to Family Friendly Gaming for spending all the money to buy Mario Party The Top 100 on the Nintendo 3DS. I like Mario Party The Top 100. It has become my favorite hand held Mario Party video game. I love seeing what system these mini games come from. I also like playing some of the older mini games that I missed when I was not born yet. Mario Party The Top 100 does that in spades. Mario Party The Top 100 is great for families.

The modes found within Mario Party The Top 100 are 100 Mini Games, Mini Game Island, Mini Game Match, Championship Battles, Decathlon, Collection, and Play with Friends. I am impressed with the amount of content found on this little Nintendo 3DS cartridge. Mario Party The Top 100 is a fun game to play too. Please be aware you will need to unlock most of the mini games in the Mini Game Island mode. I will try to have a review of Mario Party The Top 100 in issue #128 of the always awesome, always cool, and always fabulous Family Friendly Gaming magazine and e-magazine. I will layout the price I believe Mario Party The Top 100 is worth on the Nintendo 3DS. I feel like Family Friendly Gaming overpaid personally.
- Kid Gamer


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