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Madden NFL 19  


As I write this preview Nike's stock is taking a dive because they attacked the flag, America, the police, the president, morals, ethics, the military, veterans, and more. It all relates to the massive decline of the NFL. In some ways I feel bad for EA Sports. The NFL has lost its appeal and interest to many Americans. We will not stand with people who support murderous dictators, and violence against the police. On the other hand I see the PR and Marketing people for Madden NFL 19 failed Family Friendly Gaming Universe again. Not one of them was capable of being professional. I suppose they do not want anyone in Family Friendly Gaming Universe to purchase any of their games ever again. Which is weird after all the money we have made them with all of the coverage we ran. Talk about being ungrateful.

The officiating is still broken in Madden NFL 19. Holding calls are rare even when it is obvious the computer cornerback is holding. I had trouble going offsides in Madden NFL 19. The lame Longshot mode comes back and honestly was an even worse bore this year. All Madden Teams are finally back. Why were they taken out and left out for so long? The commentary is okay, but can get old. Expect a review of Madden NFL 19 in an upcoming issue of the Family Friendly Gaming magazine. Until then do not spend more than ten to fifteen dollars on this game if you decide to purchase this sports video game. We really need some competition to Madden NFL because it is getting lame and stale.
- Paul


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