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Kirby Battle Royale



Kirby Battle Royale 


How can Nintendo release games like Kirby Battle Royale and still have so many billions in their bank account? Do Nintendo fanboys just eat up games like this no matter how bad they are? FFG purchased Kirby Battle Royale since the PR and Marketing people for Nintendo continue to fail us totally, and completely. Which is okay because you know we are not part of the corrupt paid off gaming media. Family Friendly Gaming completely supports draining the swamp of corruption in the video game industry. Do you support that movement as well? Let us know with an email. If you don't support draining the swamp of corruption in the video game industry then please tell us why you do not support it in an email.

Kirby Battle Royale comes with Battle Mode, Online Battle, Story Mode, Training, Collection, and Options. I started falling asleep playing Kirby Battle Royale on the Nintendo 3DS. We earn points battling in the different leagues. Nintendo recycled that from plenty of other games. Earn enough points to challenge the qualifier. What is that? It is multiple of the same kinds of battles from before in a row. Earn enough points to move on to the next league. I will do my best to get a review of Kirby Battle Royale in issue #131 of the Family Friendly Gaming magazine and e-magazine. What I can tell you right now is this Nintendo 3DS video game did not impress me.
{05/01/2018} - Paul


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