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Imagine Babyz  


A reader request came in for Imagine Babyz on the Nintendo DS after Paul did the video series on the Nintendo 3DS version of Imagine Babyz. I don't know if he will do a video series on Imagine Babyz on the Nintendo DS or if I will. It all depends on recording availability. We will strive to get a video series going once we have an opening. The Nintendo DS version of Imagine Babyz is vastly different than the 3DS version. It is neat that it is not the same game. I hate it when companies put the same game on multiple systems and expect families to pay for the same game more than once. The vast differences between the versions makes Imagine Babyz on the Nintendo DS an interesting video game for families. Especially the female members of the family.

We run a babysitting service in a house in Imagine Babyz. There are plenty of mini games to play with the babies. We feed them, bath them, and more in Imagine Babyz. The baby sounds in Imagine Babyz are stellar. That door banging is a bit obnoxious at times. The talking stork is a strange character in Imagine Babyz on the Nintendo DS in my personal opinion. Expect a full review of Imagine Babyz on the Nintendo DS in an upcoming issue of the Family Friendly Gaming magazine. There are plenty of pros and cons surrounding this hand held video game. Families can get behind in some regards, and may not be pleased in some of the other regards. Imagine Babyz on the Nintendo DS can be found for a very low price making a purchase worth it.
- Yolanda


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