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Hunting Simulator



Hunting Simulator 


I love hunting games. I got that from my paw-paw. I play a variety of hunting games. Hunting Simulator has some good points to it. Hunting Simulator also has some bad points to it. Hunting Simulator is a very realistic hunting simulator. Animals will smell you from way off and avoid you. What does that mean? You better be good at long shots to get anything in Hunting Simulator. This hunting video game has a neat zoom in on the bullet and watch it travel when you are going to hit the animal. Then you can go get your trophy, and find out where you hit the animal. Hunting is an essential skill to be able to eat in the real world. Hunting Simulator can help train you for that reality.

There are six regions, twelve hunting zones, and thirty-seven species to hunt in Hunting Simulator. Gamers can play Hunting Simulator alone or online. The modes in Hunting Simulator are Campaign, Free Hunt, Expert Hunt, Multiplayer, Shooting Range, Hunter's Lodge, Options, and Extras. There are plenty of guns and items in Hunting Simulator. Paying attention to the wind is very important. Animals will vacate an area when you get near. I will have a review of Hunting Simulator on the Xbox One and more in issue #129 of the fantastic Family Friendly Gaming #129. Until then you know this is a fun game if you like hunting. I am still playing Hunting Simulator quite often.
- Kid Gamer


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