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Gran Turismo Sport 


Some are declaring the PS4 VR a bigger failure than the PR and Marketing firm representing this game. I am thankful Family Friendly Gaming purchased a copy of Gran Turismo Sport on the PS4 VR. Please note you can play Gran Turismo Sport without the VR headset. That is actually a better way of playing Gran Turismo Sport in my professional opinion. You might disagree. That is your right. You also have the right to agree with me. I will work very hard to get a full and comprehensive review of Gran Turismo Sport in issue #128 of Family Friendly Gaming. Until that time I would refrain from purchasing Gran Turismo Sport. Unless you like to pay more money for less content. I wrote a news story about that at one point in time (one of the red news stories in the News section of the website).

There was a 15 gig update required before we could play online. Gran Turismo Sport is sadly an extremely online heavy video game. Ranking up can be a pain in Gran Turismo Sport. Why does that matter? Certain tracks are only opened up when you reach a certain level. There is a two day free trial to play Gran Turismo Sport online. After that you must pay Sony a yearly or monthly fee to play Gran Turismo Sport online. I am pretty down on Gran Turismo Sport professionally. I do not like games that try to force us to play online. I do not like games that are expensive and have little content. I do not like games that are all hype and paid off gaming media outlets. Gran Turismo Sport is a pathetic racing game that spits in the faces of gamers and families.
- Paul


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