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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT



Dissidia Final Fantasy NT 


Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is one of the biggest disappointments for me this year. The cut scenes look great. We get all of these cool characters from all of these Final Fantasy games. Then when we finally get to battle in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT we find it is one convuleted mess. Square Enix failed with this game about as bad as their PR and Marketing people failed Family Friendly Gaming. Square Enix might be able to make some role playing video games. They are not that great at making a fighting game. From the graphics to the controls Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is lacking.

The issues families will definitely have with Dissidia Final Fantasy NT are lack of attire, enticement to lust, false gods, violence, bad language, and more. The odd fighting stages are complimented by the horrible controls. The Final Fantasy music is found within Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. The battle graphics felt like a generation back to me. The Final Fantasy sounds are in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. The way they fleshed out all these characters from older Final Fantasy games was really cool. Battling in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is like watching chaos unfold. Expect a full review in the always awesome Family Friendly Gaming #131.
{05/06/2018} - WMG


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