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Family Friendly Gaming was given a digital download code for Descenders on the Xbox One. This was a preview code. The game openly admits it will have bugs, glitches and issues. This game comes from publisher No More Robots, and developer Ragesquid. I even found one of the glitches. If you try to go off the little island and into the ocean there is an invisible wall that will bounce you all the way back to the top of the hill. The PC version of Descenders is complete and different from the Xbox One version. At the time this preview was written Descenders is 3.41 gigs. As the game is changed I expect it will increase in size. The loading time is long as you would expect from such a large digital downloadable video game.

As far as I know any of the work you do on Descenders as a QA Analyst will not be paid for. You can work the job for No More Robots without being provided any payment for your work. Sadly the video game industry has gone that direction. Descenders looks nice, and it sounds okay. There are four simple down hill tracks to test out in the tutorial. Then you can design your own track and race on it. The real fun is going down as fast as you can between the trees and rocks. You will eventually connect with one and then have to respawn. It is too early to even consider a review for Descenders on the Xbox One. Hopefully it gets finished before we have to remove the game due to not enough hard drive disk space. I had fun with Descenders for a few minutes. Then I found where I could create my own tracks. That customization is nice.
- Frank


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