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Deer Hunter Reloaded



Deer Hunter Reloaded 


Deer Hunter Reloaded does not look as good as the other games and is really limited in where we can walk around. If you get outside that area then you just glitch through. I noticed other glitches while playing Deer Hunter Reloaded too. Like the camera when you hit an animal. The animal may be hollow or disappear. The loading times in Deer Hunter Reloaded are extremely long and annoying. I am not sure what for though. Why did I say that? Because the areas are really small in Deer Hunter Reloaded. So I am not sure what all is loading into the hunting video game.

The player has binoculars they can use. I rarely did though. Why didn’t I use the binoculars in Deer Hunter Reloaded? I used the scope on the gun. Plus I was then ready to shoot. The AI of the animals is not very bright. If you miss and they run away, go to another area, and then come right back. They respawn like you first got there. The meh graphics make Deer Hunter Reloaded feel like a ‘C’ grade game. Hopefully Gamemill Entertainment will fix all of their glitches in future video games. With how their PR and Marketing fail us I do not hold out hope though. Expect a review to appear in Family Friendly Gaming #129.
{03/05/2018} - Kid Gamer


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