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Constructor is described as where Sim meets sin. Another way this game is described is construction meets corruption. Constructor is certainly very corrupt. Everything about Constructor puts an evil spin on the simulation concept. Constructor is more of a real time strategy game though. This retro PC video game has been ported to the PS4 and Xbox One. It is also be re-released on the PC. This is one of those retro video games that could have stayed in the past. We did not miss it back then, and we realize we will never miss it now.

I hoped Constructor would have some redeeming quality. Playing Constructor made me feel dirty. The focus on glorifying crime in Constructor is going to offend a lot of families. Other offensive content is blood, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, lack of attire, death, violence, enticement to lust, and more. I felt dirty and disgusting after playing Constructor. How many video games do that? Quite honestly only evil, vile, and wicked ones. I found nothing redeeming about Constructor in any way, shape, or form.

Constructor has a mafia sound and feel to it. The small graphics did not impress me. Going inside buildings and seeing the rooms would have been impressive ten years ago - maybe. Pass on Constructor. This game makes the entire industry look really bad. Expect to find a full review of Constructor to appear in an upcoming issue of the Family Friendly Gaming magazine and e-magazine. Until that time take my advice and steer clear of this evil disaster. Constructor helps the video game industry look worse. When people point out the bad things in video games, Constructor could be part of that discussion.
{08/14/2018} - Paul


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