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Civilization VI



Civilization VI 


I spent my own money to purchase a copy of Civilization VI on the Personal Computer (PC). The PR and Marketing people representing this game have been bad for a long time. Their continued failure did not really surprise me. Which is a shame because Civilization VI is my kind of a game. They should have been paying me to cover this game. The work we do makes them money. They never share that money. They have shown themselves to be selfish, self-absorbed, and not grateful. I do not get angry about this reality. I work diligently to expose it to the public. It is my hope that a transformed video game industry will correct the current mistakes and corruption.

Civilization VI can be played in Single Player, Multiplayer, Game Options, Additional Content, Tutorial, Benchmark and Credits. There are multiple difficulties, game speeds, map types, and map sizes in Civilization VI. I like the customization options found within Civilization VI on the PC. Civilization VI is one of those games I can play again and again. I just love working my way through the fog of war maps, learning ways to improve my civilization and growing it. I hope to have a review of Civilization VI in issue number one hundred and thirty. Until that time keep your strategy eyes on a lookout for deals of this Personal Computer video game. I feel Civilization VI is worth thirty to forty dollars brand new.
{03/31/2018} - Paul


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