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Bio Inc Redemption



Bio Inc Redemption 


Family Friendly Gaming recently was able to purchase a new gaming PC thanks to all of your donations and companies that care enough to advertise with us. Both of those camps appreciate all of the work we do, and invest or reinvest in us so we can continue in the future. To find out more information please check out the FFG Haul video page right here. Will Family Friendly Gaming ever do a complete review of Bio Inc Redemption? I can not answer that question at this time. We always look at how well stories and games do to determine if we will spend even more money on them in the future. We only have so much money and can not constantly bleed out like some of the patients in Bio Inc Redemption.

It was really cool to play Bio Inc Redemption on a brand spanking new awesome gaming PC. Our old seven year old one would not be able to play this game. We were provided a digital download code for Bio Inc Redemption on Steam. I found zero data on a physical copy version of Bio Inc Redemption. This is a closed beta version of this medical strategy video game. Normally I do not like being an unpaid QC Analyst for a company that does not share profits from my work. Graphically Bio Inc Redemption had blood and gore. The blood can be turned off though. The UI in Bio Inc Redemption is very helpful. What is the UI? We mouse hover over a spot like where the patient is coughing or sneezing, and it gives us helpful information on that. This helps us determine the diagnosis.

Bio Inc Redemption contains Play Life or Death, Multiplayer, and Sandbox. The Life or Death means playing the doctor or the disease. I found no one else to play online when I was playing Bio Inc Redemption. The sandbox allows us to do our own custom scenarios on diagnosing or infecting certain symptoms. There are quite a few possibilities with what can be done and what can happen in Bio Inc Redemption. This game promotes the religious belief of evolution. It is currently a one gig download. I see quite a bit of promise and potential in Bio Inc Redemption on the PC. I do not think Bio Inc Redemption should be ported to consoles. It needs to remain on the PC.
- Teen Gamer


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