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WWE 2K17 


I am pleased to see Family Friendly Gaming purchased a copy of WWE 2K17 on the PS4 on Black Friday 2016. The game was under half the normal price. The PR and Marketing failure was expected for this game. WWE 2K17 takes out the story mode and lets players purchase additional characters. This is done with in game currency that is earned by having good singles matches. Why not have everyone unlocked from the beginning? It takes a very long time to unlock all of the characters in WWE 2K17. The wrestling action gets so boring after a few hours. The only thing that helped was the different kinds of matches. I wish two player matches with two family members went into accruing the in game currency to unlock characters. It should. A lost opportunity.

WWE 2K17 contains violence, blood, bad language, enticement to lust, lack of attire, sexual dances, offensive images, glitches, long loading times, huge installation, massive updates, offensive music, and more. Money in the bank has been changed. A player must tap a button when the ball can go into the hole multiple times. That means another player and come over and steal the win. WWE 2K17 has changed a couple of things that some people will enjoy, and some people will despise. I believe generally this franchise has taken baby steps in the right direction. I plan on having a review of WWE 2K17 in the always amazing Family Friendly Gaming e-magazine. I expect the review for WWE 2K17 will appear in issue #116.
{01/06/2017} - Frank


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