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Valkyria Revolution



Valkyria Revolution 


Hopefully you enjoyed the Unboxing video we did of Valkyria Revolution. If not, you can check it out here. I addressed the failures of the PR and Marketing over at Sega. Valkyria Revolution is more of a failure than that. This game is more cut scene than it is game. The cut scenes get boring as Valkyria Revolution drills the concepts of revenge, manipulating public opinion, and using war. Thankfully these cut scenes can be skipped. In fact everything around Valkyria Revolution gets boring. The story makes little sense to me. These five characters want revenge on something that happened decades ago. They will do whatever to get revenge. Ultimately they die for it. Which we find out in the beginning of the game. So what was the point?

I would spend five to ten minutes in a mission, and then thirty to sixty minutes in cut scenes. Valkyria Revolution is horrible that way. Want to know what is even worse? This game is an action adventure role playing game. Gone is the turn based game play mechanics that made the last game semi interesting. Valkyria Revolution is like the battle areas of a Tales of game. The one difference is we do not run around the field finding the enemies. We see them, and engage immediately. I will have a review for Valkyria Revolution in issue #122 of Family Friendly Gaming. Until then do not spend money on this game. It is not worth it on so many levels. If you are a fan of previous games in the series then you will most likely despise Valkyria Revolution. If you like the hack and slash role playing games you will also find Valkyria Revolution very boring. Five minutes of game play and then thirty minutes of cut scenes.
{07/14/2017} - Paul


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