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Tales of Berseria



Tales of Berseria 


Tales of Berseria starts out as a pretty good Tales game. You play a huntress named Velvet and she surprisingly was completely covered up. Don't get too exited about it as once you become a demon and exit the prologue she wears such a revealing top that she might as well have nothing and just take the deserved M or AO rating. So far in the game the only people who can kill the demons are exorcists through the Tales equivalent of angels except they are slaves to their exorcists. Tales of Berseria is appealing to the feminist groups as Velvet says many degrading things about men or at least so far in the game. Your party in Tales of Berseria is one of the strangest groups I have ever seen as you have two demons, two angels, an exorcist and a witch.

The fight mechanics in Tales of Berseria are almost the same as early Tales games with the exception of the souls and eating mechanic. Souls act as a stamina bar for being effective when attacking, but you can button spam and be just fine. The eating mechanic is introduced when you become a demon and have to eat others to survive. Some of the only good things in Tales of Berseria are the music and the expeditions. The expeditions allow you to send your crew to go find loot in real time so you can save and stop. Then you come back and it will be done once the time limit is over. So far it takes forever to get anywhere or do anything in Tales of Berseria but maybe that will change later in the game. I am not liking the way that Tales of Berseria attacks the church so far as you are trying to kill the messiah.
-Teen Gamer


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