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Super Mario Odyssey



Super Mario Odyssey 


Family Friendly Gaming recently purchased a copy of Super Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch. The unprofessional behavior from Nintendo's PR and Marketing department continues. Their long list of failures continues to grow. Since Super Mario Odyssey is a Nintendo game of a known character then we know we get one new feature. In Super Mario Odyssey we get the feature of a throw-able hat. This hat is actually some strange ghost character. That means Mario can now possess certain enemies. This is the only way to progress through certain levels. I am not that big on the whole possession thing. Nintendo has not been known to be friendly to Christians in the past. In fact the accusation of Nintendo discriminating against Christians still stands.

I am working very hard to play through Super Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch so I can get a review written in issue #126 of the Family Friendly Gaming magazine and e-magazine. Lord willing I will get it done in time. If not, it will be in issue #127. I have dropped quite a bit of stuff for Super Mario Odyssey so I believe it will make it into issue #126. The graphics look nice, and there are some interesting areas to explore. We collect moons, and beat bosses for three moons. Each area requires so many moons to progress to the next area. There are branches and middle area boss fights in Super Mario Odyssey. Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach yet again. Mario must save her. Mario is really short in Super Mario Odyssey compared to other humans. He is like half their size. Which looks really weird.

As of right now I believe Super Mario Odyssey is worth forty dollars brand new at most. I believe Super Mario Odyssey is being sold at an over-inflated price. Nintendo has gotten so many billions in their bank account from over charging their fanboys and fan girls for decades now. Nintendo is also very good at making addicting games that people want to play and replay. There is a fair amount to do, and there are enough levels to warrant forty dollars in my professional opinion. The biggest problem with Super Mario Odyssey is the possession. There is also some cartoon violence in this game.
{11/28/2017} - Paul


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