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Pokemon Sun Pokemon Moon Pokemon Sun Pokemon Moon 


I bought Pokemon Moon and played it. My brother paid half of Pokemon Sun and FFG helped him out with the other half. Our EIC also played some of both games to help us out. I am shocked with all of the religious content and teachings found in Pokemon Sun Pokemon Moon. It is fascinating that this franchise now has a character that does not like Pokemon fighting. Which is the core mechanic to this game. I am getting older and getting tired of constantly having to catch em all. I do not want to pay Nintendo money to use that Pokemon Bank service. Plus many of my Pokemon from other games are not as interesting as the newer ones. Many of the Pokemon in this hand held video game are like real world animals. I think a Christian Pokemon like video game is needed.

The battle presentation is improved in Pokemon Sun Pokemon Moon. I fell asleep from all of the chatter and slow pacing in Pokemon Sun Pokemon Moon. I like seeing if a move is effective or not. How do you earn that? Fight that Pokemon in the past. Riding around Pokemon is interesting, but ultimately not something I am into. It is needed to get past certain areas. The map screen shows a flag where you need to go to progress the main story. Game Freaks is trying things and working on improving certain facets. I wish they would make their games more Christian friendly. Pokemon Sun Pokemon Moon felt like a Hawaiin Pokemon story to me. I value Pokemon Sun Pokemon Moon at twenty dollars brand new. I will have a review for Pokemon Sun Pokemon Moon in an upcoming issue of the Family Friendly Gaming magazine and e-magazine. I think it will probably be in issue #117.
{02/09/2017} - Teen Gamer


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