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Monster Jam Crush It 


I was bummed when the PR and Marketing for GameMill Entertainment failed Family Friendly Gaming. I was even more bummed when I finally got to play Monster Jam Crush It. I am deeply appreciative of Family Friendly Gaming purchasing a copy of Monster Jam Crush It. This home console video game contains Stadium Race, Freestyle, Hill Climb, and Crash Mode. There are very few levels in all of the modes with the exception of the Hill Climb. What is sad is how small Monster Jam Crush It is. In my opinion this game is a rental only. If it is even worth that. I am very disappointed with Monster Jam Crush It. In fact Monster Jam Crush It might be the absolute worst monster truck video game I have played in my life time.

The controls in Monster Jam Crush It are loose. There are glitches and places to get stuck in Monster Jam Crush It. This monster truck game also has lag in it. Monster Jam Crush It might be the worst monster truck game I have ever played. I like monster truck games and have played quite a few. The rock music gave me a headache. All of Monster Jam Crush It can be beaten in one to two hours. Monster Jam Crush It feels like a little tiny app that does not belong on the home consoles. I value Monster Jam Crush It at five dollars brand new. I hope to have a review of Monster Jam Crush It on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One in the fantastic Family Friendly Gaming #116. Until then please be patient because Monster Jam Crush It is not worth much money.
{01/28/2017} - Kid Gamer


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