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Minecraft Wii U Edition



Minecraft Wii U Edition 


No one else here at Family Friendly Gaming was interested in Minecraft Wii U Edition. I was though. I know the Wii U is on its last breath, and the system was a failure. I know the PR and Marketing failed us over at Mojang after Notch left. Still I wanted to spend the money and time on Minecraft Wii U Edition. Minecraft Wii U Edition contains a variety of different theme packs. There is the normal Minecraft, Tutorial, Fallout World, Festive World, Chinese Mythology, Greek Mythology, Super Mario World, Halloween, Skyrim, and Mass Effect. Minecraft Wii U Edition can be played in Survival, Creative, or Adventure. There are multiple difficulty settings, and even more options. Minecraft Wii U Edition can be played online or offline.

If you have played Minecraft before is there any reason to purchase Minecraft Wii U Edition? Only if you want to see the different themed areas. If you enjoy seeing other video games put in the Minecraft mold then Minecraft Wii U Edition may be for you. I like the different ways to play Minecraft Wii U Edition. I can understand if some members of Family Friendly Gaming Universe are tired of Minecraft. I don't spend hours every week with it. I am constantly working on a variety of different games. I enjoyed my time with Minecraft Wii U Edition. I like exploring in this one more than actually creating. Minecraft Wii U Edition for me is more about seeing what others have made.

I really got into the Super Mario Mash Up area. The creativity of others inspires me on a daily basis. Minecraft Wii U Edition shows there is a lot of creativity out there. Since I have played Minecraft before I knew what to expect. I also know how to play this game that fits my personal game play style. So do others here at Family Friendly Gaming. Remember I said no one else was interested? That was until I started to play Minecraft Wii U Edition. Then all of a sudden they wanted to play too. Minecraft Wii U Edition also has some mini games. Families can battle and tumble in Minecraft Wii U Edition. I plan on having a review of Minecraft Wii U Edition in issue #117 of the Family Friendly Gaming magazine and e-magazine. Until then don't spend over fifteen dollars on this game.
{02/26/2017} - Paul


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