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Metroid Samus Returns



Metroid Samus Returns 


I have played a variety of Metroid video games over the years. We have not reviewed many of them here at Family Friendly Gaming. I am thankful Family Friendly Gaming purchased a copy of Metroid Samus Returns on the Nintendo 3DS after the failures of the PR and Marketing firm for this particular product. They only hurt themselves when they act in this unprofessional manner. I will continue to treat them better than they treat us. I will also make sure Family Friendly Gaming gives honest, unbiased opinions on the Nintendo video games. We have rarely sounded off on this franchise in the past.

Metroid Samus Returns generally looks nice, and sounds good. The violence is one of the main issues in Metroid Samus Returns. There are some areas that are really populated with enemies. Metroids take awhile to kill off in Metroid Samus Returns. They also change what can hurt them based on what attacks you have unlocked. I value Metroid Samus Returns at fifteen dollars brand new. That is my personal price opinion on this product. I will work hard to have a review of Metroid Samus Returns in issue #127 of the Family Friendly Gaming e-magazine. The controls in Metroid Samus Returns felt a bit loose to me. They gave me trouble. I also felt like I had done this before while I played Metroid Samus Returns.
{12/23/2017} - Paul


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