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Madden NFL 18 


It is such a shame to see the Madden NFL franchise sink into failing review score status. What is EA Sports doing? They are sabotaging themselves with Madden NFL 18. Their PR and Marketing failures have already been documented. The decline of the NFL has also already been documented. The game play in Madden NFL 18 is still broken. Although slightly better than last year. Madden NFL 18 is lacking in letting us change options. The overall of the teams determines who wins or loses more often than not. We have not had fun playing Madden NFL 18 this year at all. I do not know what EA Sports is doing. They are running this franchise into the ground. We need real football competition. The corruption from the past needs to get corrected.

In my opinion Madden NFL 18 is worth no more than ten dollars brand new. Longshot is short, and the game play is still messed up. I am so bummed about how bad Madden NFL 18 actually is. I enjoy playing football video games. I did not enjoy playing this one. So much in Madden NFL 18 needs to be fixed - even teams, overalls, juking constantly, breaking tackles forever, and more. I will work diligently to have a review of Madden NFL 18 in issue #126 of the always awesome Family Friendly Gaming magazine and e-magazine. Until such time play older Madden games. They are actually better than Madden NFL 18.
- Paul


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