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If you need to put: “The Official Motorcross Videogame” on your package there might be something wrong with your product. That applies to MXGP2. Maybe Milestone thinks families will not understand what kind of game this is with just the MXGP2 characters. Although one look at the front cover of the game and we instantly know this is a motorcycle racing game. A video game that is not that great. Which is a real shame because I had high hopes for this Milestone video game. What is the biggest problem in MXGP2? The controls. Imagine loose controls on narrow tracks. Going off the track gets an instant reset. Why is that a problem? We lose all of our speed. Not that I could get much on all of these constant U-turn tracks.

The controls are the definitely the biggest problem in MXGP2. They are loose, and the tracks are narrow. The computer riders will cheat and get away with it. If we are off the track for just a bit we are instantly reset in the track. I would get passed by five to ten racers when that happens. Since there are only twenty-two racers you can image how quickly I got into last place. Even on the easiest setting MXGP2 is insanely difficult. It is easy to crash, and the computer riders will help you face plant even when physics should have them crash. I also got stuck on those rectangle bags on the sides of some tracks. MXGP2 has a very limited rewind button. Even on easy this is a tough video game to learn. Most families will get frustrated before getting any real skill. The PR and Marketing failures for this game are about as bad as the game itself.
- Frank


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